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List of Baby Boy Names that Mean “LIGHT”

This is the list of BABY NAMES that mean "light, ray, shine, starlight, sunbeam, sunlight, sunshine, beam, bright, illumination and radiant, " for boys names only. These names of many different backgrounds, for example African, American, Biblical, Chinese, Egyptian, English, French, German, Greek, Hindu, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Swahili, Welsh and more.

  • 2. ILO [African] means Light, Joyous, Sunshine
  • 10. ABNER [Biblical] means Father of Light
  • 14. URIAH [Biblical] means God is My Light
  • 16. NURI [Biblical] means Flaming Lights
  • 19. GUANG [Chinese] means Light
  • 20. YE [Chinese] means Light
  • 21. HORUS [Egyptian] means God of Light
  • 22. FULBRIGHT [English] means Very Light
  • 23. LUCIEN [French] means Bright, Light
  • 24. ALVIN [German] means Friend to All, Light Skinned
  • 25. APOLLO [Greek] means God of Truth and Light
  • 26. EPIFANIO [Greek] means One Who Gives Light
  • 28. KIRAN [Hindu] means Ray of Light
  • 29. AHREN [Indian] means Enlightened
  • 42. NAVTEJ [Indian] means New Light
  • 43. OMPRAKASH [Indian] means Sacred light
  • 54. FINIAN [Irish] means Light Skinned
  • 55. KENZIE [Irish] means Light Skinned
  • 56. WYNNE [Irish] means Light Complexion
  • 57. LUCIO [Italian] means Bringer of Light
  • 58. LUCA [Italian] means Bringer of Light.
  • 59. MITSU [Japanese] means Light
  • 60. LUCAS [Latin] means Light
  • 61. LUCE [Latin] means Light
  • 67. LIUZ [Polish] means Light
  • 68. NURU [Swahili] means Light
  • 69. WYNN [Welsh] means Light Complexion

Are you curious for more? Find out the full list of baby boys and baby girls names: Names Meaning Light

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