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Make Money Online with a Blog of 5 Millions Page Views

So, here is my blog with page views (PV) of more than 5 millions! Can I make money online with it? What is the secret to create a successful blog with good return of investment nowadays in internet?

The answer could be "YES" if you are blogging in English with your own domain and hosting. Some marketers can make money as much as $15 for each thousand page views. Five millions PV should earn you $75.000!

This blog is written in Indonesian and hosted using free blog flatform, that is The chance of making good money might be limited to none due to host terms of service. However, if you’re blogging for fun and hobbies, is one of the best option available. It’s easy to join and most important is free.

Today, I’m searching on with a very popular search term "moke money online," and guess who’s sitting on number one spot? A 14 year old teenager from the Philippines whose blog named He is best known as "KidBlogger".

If you are really serious and wondering how to earn money on internet you may try the following options:

  1. Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, Clickbank, CJ)
  2. Blogging (monetize with AdSense, Chitika, Infolinks, Adbrite)
  3. Selling your own E-book
  4. Buying and selling website / blog on
  5. Freelancing jobs where you can sell your services and skills at,, etc
  6. Forex trading
  7. Your design T-Shirts or gifts on Cafe press or
  8. Taking Online Paid Surveys
  9. Join video sharing site such as YouTube
  10. CPA offers on your site

Of course, there may be many other ways to make money online apart from top 10 list above. My favourite forums and sites where I can learn how to blog and make money online are – and Friendly environments where you can find discussions of making money, writing content, blog design, tech issues, blog linkings and much more!

  1. 23 November 2014 pukul 03:15

    tembus 5jt pv pasti sangat sulit dijalankan sendiri. baru dapat 200 pv saja sudah sangat bersukur.

  2. Nikmat
    28 Agustus 2014 pukul 14:36

    Skrg sudah ikutan WordAds tuh.. pasti gede kan?

  3. Lando
    14 Agustus 2014 pukul 15:00

    Skrg pageview 5jt setara tuh 23 juta rupiah kalo pakai WordAds. Buktikan sendiri deh.

  4. ada Wordads
    15 Maret 2014 pukul 19:09

    Sekarang ada program WordAds bro… trefik segitu bisa raup setidaknya 10 jeti loh!

  5. Place
    13 September 2013 pukul 08:50

    Thanks for another wonderful post. Very impressive for five million page view. How did you do it?

  6. Host
    18 Juli 2013 pukul 10:31

    There is available a high quality ads for sites now, which is called WordAds. So, this program will let bloggers monetize their hosted blog.

    WordAds pays once per month via Paypal, with a minimum payout of $100.

  7. Ash Saepullah
    21 Mei 2012 pukul 15:54

    nice info

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