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Popular Indonesian Baby Boys’ Names

You may find some unique and great male names from popular and best picked Indonesian names listed on this article at NamafbdotCom.

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Page #1 of 19: Listing of the most common Indonesian baby boys’ names starting with: Abbas, Abyasa, Adiharja, Aditya, Admaja, and Andi, with origin and respected meanings.

ABBAS (Islamic: عباس) means- gloomy look
ABDUL (Arabic: عب) – servant
ABDULLAH (Arabic: عبد الله) – servant of Allah
ABYASA (Javanese) – clever
ADAM (Arabic: آدم) – a Prophet’s name
ADE (Javanese) – crown, kingdom
ADHIARJA (Javanese) – safety
ADIBRATA (Kawi) – excellent attitudes
ADIHARJA (Javanese) with meaning superior safety
ADIKA (Javanese) – best of
ADIKARA (Javanese) – commanding
ADINATA (Javanese) – superior
ADIT (Sanskrit) – from the beginning
ADITYA (Sanskrit) – sun
ADIWANGSA (Javanese) – noble
ADIWARNA (Javanese) – once beautiful, very good
ADIYATMA (Javanese) – superior life
ADJAYA (Javanese) – excellence
ADMAJA (Javanese) is meant- son
ADRIYANTO (Javanese) – in altitude
AFIF (Arabic: عفيف) – chaste, modest
AGUNG (Javanese) – large
AGUS (Javanese) – good, elegant, noble
AHMAD (Arabic: أحمد) – most highly adored
AJIMAN (Javanese) – valuable
AJIMAT (Javanese) – highly appreciated
AJIMIN (Javanese) – the price is met
AJIONO (Javanese) – having value
AKARSANA (Javanese), a boy name means- approach, attract
AKMAL (Arabic: اكمل) – lion
ALAMBANA (Javanese) – hailed
ALI (Arabic: علي) – noble, sublime, fourth caliph of Islam
AMAL (Sanskrit) – bright, clean, pure
AMAR (Sanskrit) – forever, immortal
AMARTYA (Sanskrit) – immortal, amber of the sky
AMIN (Arabic: امين) – faithful, trustworthy, custodian
AMIR (Arabic: الأمير) – prosperous
AMIT (Sanskrit) – endless, boundless
AMIYA (Sanskrit) – nectar; everbright
AMONG (Javanese) – caretakers, maid
AMRIT (Sanskrit) – nectar
AMULYA (Sanskrit) – priceless
AMURTI (Kawi) – shadow
ANAND (Sanskrit) – bliss
ANANMAYA (Sanskrit) – one who cannot be broken
ANAS (Arabic: أنس) – love, affection
ANDAKA (Kawi) – bull
ANDHIKA (Kawi) – honorable
ANDI is a Indonesian name, with meaning- servant


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